How To Anchor Pool Candles

Some of the most popular questions about floating candles in a pool are how to keep the candles from gathering too close together. How to keep them from congregating to one end of the pool and how to keep the flames from going out by the wind or drowning from any waves. With just a few hints and with your own ideas, your candles will be a big hit for your next party.

When you anchor your candles in a pool you can place them where you want. They will stay just about where your placed them, even if there is small wind movement. Your objective is to keep your candles from bunching up into a corner of the pool and touching each other. Getting close together may cause them to damage each other. 

To anchor your candles, find some paper clips, dental floss or fishing line, an old candle, matches and some old washers from your tool box. Take out about 4 or 5 feet of line and tie one end to the washer and tie the other end to the paper clip. Set the paper clip on the bottom of the floating candle. Light the old candle and drip some wax onto the paper clip.This melted wax has now secured the paper clip to your floating candle. Now you have a floating candle with the line attached to the bottom of it and on the other end of the line is a weight. Gently place your candle in the pool and let the weight go down into the water. Then take your pool skimmer and gently push your candle into the area of your pool that you desire. You could make a beautiful bouquet that should generally stay where you place it.

Large Size Pool Candles

Using large pool candles will help keep your candles more visible, stay lit longer and float better. Floating luminaries have high edges that guard the flame from wind and keep water from licking the sides of a candle that could put out the flame. Our Water Lily Floating Candles have a green lily pad where the edges curl up making this large candle act like a little boat. Having a big 5" diameter candle works better in a pool and is far more visible than a smaller candle.

Turn Off Motors

Turn off any filtering, water fall, water slide or any water movement motors. The less water movement the better. Then later, when you remove the candles from the water, you can turn everything back on.