Candle Burning Tips


Remove any packaging and read all instructions.

Place in a proper non-flammable holder and on a safe heat resistant dry surface. 

Keep away from combustibles.

Do not allow the flame to touch any glass surface.

Trim wick to 1/8"-1/4" before lighting. Smoking or fluttering may occur if the wick is too long.

Keep matches, lighters and lit candles away from children and pets.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Avoid drafts for even burning and keep wick centered.

Never leave matches, trimming or combustibles in the wax pool.

If wick is too short, push away some wax from the unlit wick. Allow to burn for a couple hours.

Cool the candle in the refrigerator a few minutes before using. This extends the burning time.

Don't leave it in the refrigerator too long or it will put cracks in the candle.


For votives in holders, keep the wick trimmed and away from the sides of the jar.

If the glass is cracked or broken do not use.

Discontinue use when the candle has 1/2" remaining. This will help to avoid heat damage to your table or flat surface.


Larger pillar candles should be burned 2 hours or less at a time to help keep the sides intact and burn straight down. This creates an interior glow. For each inch of diameter you can estimate 1 hour burning time.

To extend burning time, extinguish the flame when there is a wax pool or the surface. Let it cool and harden. Then relight.

To prevent dripping on pillars, put out the flame when the wax pool is near the edge of the candle and allow to cool, then relight.